Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Need a Speaker?

We Love To Share Our Passion!

At Time and Team we are extremely passionate about what we do. Therefore, we are always excited when we have the opportunity to share with others the multitude of ways they can enhance their businesses, and their lives, though the mastery of Time Management and Team Motivation skills.

We would be delighted to speak to your group on a variety of topics, including:

  •   Flipping traditional time management upside down - and why it works
  •   Common myths about time management
  •   How to trim 8 hours from every work week
  •   Developing "Profit-Focused" time management skills
  •   The keys to achieving goals - more quickly and easily
  •   Secrets for increasing personal effectiveness and productivity
  •   Stress-free time management for the high-performance "Solo-preneur"
  •   The power of delegation - and how to do it successfully
  •   Achieving optimal work/life balance
  •   Common myths about motivation
  •   Discovering your hidden ability to influence and motivate others
  •   Matching the "right" people with the "right" jobs - and why that's so important
  •   Using personality profiling to improve sales results
  •   Understanding the impact of behavior profiling on marketing and advertising
  •   The secrets for becoming more persuasive
  •   Why adjusting your communication styles will improve all your relationships
  •   The formulas for building an engaged and highly motivated team
  •   Secrets to work-related stress reduction

All the topics, listed above, serve to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the audience and help them recognize the tremendous potential locked inside every individual, which, all too frequently, goes untapped.

What Should You Expect from The Presentation?

We connect with the audience in often-humorous, but always informative, thought provoking and engaging ways; so they quickly begin to recognize how they can reach their time management and productivity potential - from both a business and personal perspective - and realize all the benefits that accompany the development of their dramatically improved skills and abilities.

Better still, they gain insight into how they can more easily achieve their goals and do so in less time, with less effort, and without stress - so they literally transform their businesses and their lives in extremely positive and rewarding ways.

It's Part Of Our Mission

Since so much human potential goes unrealized in our world, we have made it part of our mission to share our knowledge and expertise with as many business organizations, management groups and associations as possible.

We are committed to spreading the good news about how everyone can not only tap into their own under-developed talents and skills, but how they can motivate, influence and inspire others to do the same. And, once that hidden potential is realized, not only does productivity and profitability skyrocket for the business or organization, but everyone benefits on a personal level from enhanced work-life balance and a greatly improved overall quality of life.

Book A Speaker

If you would like to book a speaker for your next event, simply complete the form on the right. Be sure to include the name of your group, the location, date, time, duration (in total minutes) and the topic of your preference.

We will even consider developing a custom presentation for your event, if you define your specific goals and objectives in the comments sections of the form.

Our team will process your request, and respond, within 3 business days of your inquiry.

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