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How Can We Double Our Productivity And Profitability by Flipping Traditional Time Management Strategies UPSIDE DOWN?

A Radical, Upside Down Approach to Time Management and Productivity

Almost everyone recognizes that the success they achieve in building a business, generating sales, increasing profits, managing employees, and even the degree to which they have the time and resources to enjoy life, is highly dependent upon how effectively they utilize their time and how motivated their team is to do the same.

Yet, for the vast majority of business owners, managers and their employees, traditional time management and team development strategies produce less than stellar results.

But, "what if" there was a better way - one that makes more sense, leverages your natural strengths and weaknesses, based on your individual DISC behavior profile and really works! Maybe, it’s time to depart from tradition and consider a totally different, and more effective, approach.


As radical as it may sound, flipping traditional time management, team motivation and productivity strategies upside down can double your own and your team's productivity; significantly increase sales and profitability; dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness; and allow everyone to achieve goals and complete tasks in less time, with less effort and lower stress.

With this approach, you and your team can become vastly more successful at everything you do, you will significantly increase income and quickly re-capture both the time and resources needed to truly enjoy life.


For decades, the traditional method for achieving time management and productivity improvement has been to encourage everyone to conform to a rather standardized set of "one-size-fits-all" strategies. But, because people are not the same and because we all possess inherent strengths and weaknesses in our behaviors, having unique, deeply embedded habits and tendencies, the old approach of expecting standardized sets of skills and techniques to be equally effective for every individual is not realistic.

Another traditional, but ill-conceived, concept is the belief that enhanced productivity is achieved by finding ways to cram more activity and tasks into each hour, day or month. But, that concept is, in reality, totally contrary to effective time management. Worse yet, it obscures our understanding of prioritization; causing us to perceive that doing more "stuff" means we are more effective, which ABSOLUTELY IS NOT THE CASE! In fact, quite the opposite is true.


A better and more realistic way to improve productivity is to establish what our individual strengths and weaknesses are and learn how that impacts our abilities, (and inabilities), to manage time and productivity. Then, with that knowledge, implement only those strategies and techniques, which match our individual challenges, personalities and behaviors. Thereby, vastly improving the effectiveness of our efforts.

Even though we are, in fact, unique in many respects, we all fall within a range of four primary, prototypical behavior types, each of which possess representative characteristics, challenges and abilities for managing time and improving our productivity - and each behavior type has a matching set of strategies, which prove vastly more successful for that individual than the traditional production-line approach.

Another more successful and logical method of enhancing productivity is by implementing a strategy of doing less "stuff" - while making sure that the more limited "stuff" we do effectively leads to achieving our critical goals. We can do less by identifying and avoiding all the other "stuff" that distracts us from reaching our objectives. This approach requires less time and effort because we are actually working smarter rather than harder, (like in the old adage).

A high percentage of our time is expended in dealing with critical mass issues, i.e., all those "fire-fighting" distractions that grab our attention and need to be resolved immediately. Unfortunately, that prevents us from focusing on all the important tasks and goals that have the greatest potential for growing our business, developing our employees, increasing sales and improving profitability - just to name a few. Therefore, we need to develop those techniques, strategies and skills that proactively reduce all the time-wasting distractions; and when that is accomplished leadership, managers and employees are free to channel the majority of their time toward the items that will truly lead to higher levels of success. As a bonus, everyone will reduce their workload, decrease their hours, reduce stress and enhance their quality of life.


The exciting news is; all these things are readily attainable when we embrace this radical but successful upside down approach for time management and productivity improvement. And, there are many more strategies built around these two fundamental (upside down) philosophies that have the same potential for increasing the growth and profitability of your organization.

Better still, by applying these more individualized and targeted processes, we are able to not only significantly improve the levels of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of each individual, but also help them realize a more healthy work-life balance! As a result, it's a winning proposition for the organization, owners, managers and employees alike.

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How Can Just Two Skills Totally Transform My Business?

Just Two Skills Can Totally Change Your Business

What if you could develop two critical skills that would help increase your sales and profits, double productivity, inspire and motivate your team, and delight your customers?

Everything we successfully achieve in business (or in life, for that matter) is accomplished through our own diligent effort or through the collaborative effort of others. As a result, regardless of the goals we wish to realize, our levels of success in achieving those goals are unavoidably constrained by how well we master two critical skills - 1. our ability to effectively and efficiently utilize our time; and 2. our ability to engage, influence, inspire and motivate others.

In fact, these two skills are often identified as two of the most significant factors, differentiating between businesses that merely survive and those that excel in the marketplace.

If we simply pause for a moment to consider just how important these skills are for achieving goals, we quickly recognize how helping our teams become more effective in every aspect of business, professional and personal life, is absolutely essential to the success of any business. Engaged, motivated and effective employees are the primary drivers of success. And, in an environment where all team members are contributing to, benefiting from, and sharing in, a growing and prosperous organization - one which achieves its goals and offers team members the advantages of a healthy work-life balance - productivity cannot help but skyrocket.

From a business perspective, developing comprehensive time management and team motivation skills serve as the essential foundations for enhancing all aspects of our operations. They help us gain a strong competitive advantage and they help accelerate the attainment of our business objectives.

   Your time management and team motivation programs have vastly improved our overall effectiveness as an organization. – Alice G., HR Director, Medical Laboratories


By dramatically improving individual levels of efficiency and effectiveness, these skills permit us to build highly motivated and productive teams of managers and employees. Developing these skills facilitate the ability to get the important things done, and reduce the constant invasion of non-productive events into daily schedules. Therefore, it takes less time and less effort to complete tasks and achieve goals. And, because of that, the overall stress levels and the sense of feeling constantly overwhelmed is dramatically reduced. That, in turn allows team members to remain more focused and productive, which permits the collective team to outperform competitors in a variety of different ways.

These skills, also, serve as the catalysts for greatly enhanced interaction and cooperation throughout our organizations. And, they improve our ability to develop stronger customer relationships, while at the same time increasing our capacity to influence those same customers during sales and marketing activities. They even improve our ability to attract and retain the best employees.

In addition, when we evaluate the balance of benefits derived from time management and team motivation strategies, we discover just how significant they are to the success of our individual team members - on both a professional and personal level.

Each team member learns how to more effectively utilize their time and how to attain their goals more easily and quickly. They begin to recognize the different behaviors and personalities of others and become more adept at seeing situations from a variety of perspectives, rather than just their own. They acquire the ability to develop clear and more efficient lines of communication. They become more effective in their interactions with, and motivation of others, which generates more harmonious and productive team environments. And they discover how to achieve more each day, while gaining extra time and freedom to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

All of these factors contribute to a stronger, more productive team of individuals; individuals who are self-motivated to succeed, are inspired to further the success of the organization, and have a much more rewarding and enriching lifestyle.

And, that is only a few of the vast number of benefits, which are derived, either directly or indirectly, from mastering these skills. The overall result is a perfect example of a "Win-Win" proposition; whereby the organization gains huge benefits and so do the individual team members.

Better still, developing these skills is not a difficult process; especially when we strategically align training and skill development with natural behavior profiles, talents and abilities, which is precisely how the programs at Time and Team are configured.

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How Does DISC Profiling Factor Into My Success?

DISC Profiling Factors

Since people are the core of any business and ultimately control just how successful a business can become, it is vitally important to understand how individual behaviors and personalities impact the growth and profitability of every businesses.

DISC profiling provides the insight needed for understanding how each individual and their behavior either contributes to, or detracts from, that success. Behavior profiling is the basis for gaining the knowledge, skill and ability to adapt to, and modify behaviors so they will become more positive and productive on a personal level, as well as contributing to the overall success of the organization. As such, DISC profiling plays a critical role in everything we do and achieve.

From a time management perspective our key to better utilization of time rests in understanding which of the four DISC personality and behavior types; D(Dominant), I(Influential), S(Steady) or C(Conscientious); we fall into, and how our DISC profile-type will not only disclose, but also help us adapt our time management skill development process to our natural strengths and behaviors.

DISC profile-types determine how we perceive the world around us, how we view our use of time and how we interact with our environment. Our profiles determine our natural time management tendencies and patterns. And, equipped with that knowledge, we can better develop strategies which fit our natural talents and abilities in ways that will invariably provide superior time management results.

The same general principle applies to developing an enhanced ability to influence and motivate others. Our natural DISC profiles determine how we typically interact with others, as well as our attitude and approach to influencing the outcome of interpersonal relationships. So, by understanding our own DISC profile, as well as the tendencies and preferences of the remaining DISC profile-types, we can learn how to adapt our approach to other profile-types, such that we are able to exercise a greater and more positive influence over the outcome of our interactions.

This, in turn, produces not only more harmonious relationships with owners, managers and employees, but it dramatically improves relationships with customers and suppliers as well. Ultimately, it results in increasing the potential for achieving much higher levels of success - for all parties involved.

All of these factors contribute to a stronger, more productive team - a team of individuals who are self-motivated to succeed, are inspired to further the success of the organization, and who gain a much more rewarding and enriching lifestyle - all the factors that contribute to both personal productivity and effectiveness, as well as the success, growth and profitability of the organization.

At Time and Team, we always integrate a comprehensive DISC profiling process into every training and skill development program we offer - making our programs vastly more effective than those offered by other organizations.

It's our integration of DISC profiling into everything we do that allows each individual to achieve their maximum potential on a personal and professional level; which, likewise, contributes to the overall success of the organization and its customers. As a consequence, the whole approach and resulting outcome evolves into a winning proposition for everyone concerned and the positive ramifications of that approach are astronomical in proportion.

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Why Can Just A Little Strategic Edge Provide A Huge Competitive Advantage?

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

How much of a competitive advantage could you gain if every day you were able to strategically "edge out" your competition in every single aspect of your business?

That is exactly what the most successful organizations do to guarantee their domination in the marketplace. They aren't three times better than their competition, or even twice as good; they're just a little better at what they do - in a lot of different areas of their business. In fact, it is the cumulative effect of all those small differences, which result in their ability to have happier customers, improved profitability, increased growth, more productive employees, superior working environments, higher employee retention rates... ...and the list of advantages goes on and on!.

Normally, we think of an organization's competitive advantage as something along the lines of a better product, a lower price, better delivery, more convenience, a highly recognized name brand; or other features that customers desire enough to continue showing a purchasing preference with that organization. And, some of those features do, indeed, provide competitive advantages for successful organizations.

But, world-class organizations rarely possess one or two huge advantages over their competition. It is almost invariably an ability to "edge out" their competition in a large number of business disciplines - and thereby manage to succeed just a bit more than their competitors in small but significant ways. And that same principle, for gaining a competitive advantage, can work for nearly any type of business.

The good news is, if these world-class businesses can develop that much of a competitive edge from being just a little better in a lot of different ways, so can you! With the right approach, it's not that challenging. You simply need to learn how to duplicate those same strategic advantages within your own organization.

Even if you were just a little better than the competition in a few areas of your business, you could potentially gain a big advantage. For instance, you could attract better customers, generate greater sales volumes, produce higher margins, retain the most sought-after and productive employees and achieve significantly higher goals - and you could do so more quickly and effectively than your competition. As a result, you, your organization, your employees and even your customers would enjoy significant benefits.

   We are currently on a path to generate more profit this year than the last 3 years combined. – Roger B., President, Utility Trailer Manufacturer


However, in the final analysis, all "competitive advantages," regardless of their configuration, are developed, perpetuated by, and revolve around what the people within those superior organizations accomplish. Highly productive, engaged, motivated and effective teams of people are the primary elements for generating all competitive advantages.

And, since people are truly the keys to all business success, the organizations with the highest percentage of people who are proficient at getting exceptional results in business marketing, lead generation, sales, leadership, financial management and quality management are the ones gaining the greatest competitive advantages.

Luckily, any business, regardless of its size or market, can find ways to improve its performance in all these areas of business, if their people are inspired, motivated and skilled enough to make that happen. And, achieving those goals can be accomplished by applying the two fundamental principles of time management and team motivation.

Let's face it, in very real and tangible terms, everything we wish to accomplish in our businesses (and our lives for that matter) is predicated on our ability to increase productivity through improved efficiency and effectiveness, and by having the skills required to influence, inspire and motivate others. That's because, no matter how good our products and services are, how quickly we deliver, or how attractive our pricing, it is the performance of our people that ultimately control just how successful our organizations will become.

As you and your team develop the necessary time management and team motivation skills, your whole organization will quickly begin to gain huge competitive advantages and you will start to realize all the benefits that accompany world-class success.

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Why Is The Ability To Influence And Motivate Others So Critical to Our SUCCESS?

Influencing and Motivating Others

Much of business success is built upon the ability to influence and motivate people - whether those people are customers, suppliers, employees, investors, strategic partners, or any number of other individuals with whom we interact.

Almost every aspect of business and life can be positively impacted by learning how everyone's DISC behavior profile determines their communication, motivation, productivity, purchasing and decision-making preferences - along with similar preferences in literally every nuance of their physical and psychological existence.

In fact, one of the first challenges we face in business is learning how to influence, inspire and motivate customers to engage in transactions with our organizations.

Sales revenues, the lifeblood of every successful business, are highly dependent on our abilities to exercise a reasonable degree of influence over the decision-making processes of existing and potential clients. And, no business can grow or prosper without abundant sales volumes.

Equally important to motivating customers is having the ability to motivate suppliers, strategic partners, managers and employees - at least to the maximum degree possible. Because, without the ability to gain the active participation and support of others, it is the rare business that can effectively serve clients; or even exist as a viable organization.

In those organizations where teams are internally energized, inspired and motivated to take ownership in what they do, where the right people are positioned in the right roles, and where a supportive environment exists to promote high levels of workforce engagement and employee enthusiasm, revenues dramatically increase, productivity and cooperation skyrocket, and managers and employees become enthusiastic about growth opportunities. They enjoy their work and their fellow employees, require minimal management oversight and are internally driven to constantly press toward the rapid advancement of organizational goals. As a result, the whole organization prospers and the potential for shared growth and prosperity becomes nearly unlimited.

All business personnel, regardless of their roles and responsibilities, must possess the skills needed to influence other individuals in positive and effective ways, if that business is going to excel in the marketplace.

Too much of business success depends on human relationships and interaction to allow negative environments and de-motivating behaviors to drain the life of the organization and reduce the potential for growth and profitability.

In reality, the vast majority of people want to be successful and they wish to benefit from the success of their organization. It's just part of human nature to want to be a part of something successful. While not every individual, in every business, is going to become highly motivated, most people respond positively to an environment which fosters and develops high levels of internal motivation. And, it all begins with leadership and management taking responsibility for setting the standards of education and training in the basic tenets of interpersonal behavioral and motivational skills.

While learning behavior skills is not complex and creating the right strategies and environments is relatively straight forward, developing a highly productive and motivated team can be a daunting task if the owners and managers do not have a thorough understanding of the various strategies, systems and processes required to successfully "motivate" others. And, unfortunately, a high percentage simply do not have adequate training or expertise with developing these critical skills, or for creating the proper environments, to get the results they desire.

However, with the proper training and tools, you and your personnel can become proficient at adapting the culture and environment where motivation of customers, suppliers, managers and employees alike becomes second nature; and it can all happen relatively quickly. It simply requires a comprehensive strategy and understanding of how the various components of human motivation compliment each other to produce the targeted results.

It is not as difficult as you might think to get the right people in the right roles, to learn how to inspire and influence the four primary DISC behavior types we deal with in business, or to generate an atmosphere where both internal and external teams are motivated to advance your organization toward increasingly high levels of success.

So, click on the link below to discover how you, too, can benefit from these programs.

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Is A 20% - 200% Increase In Productivity Easier To Achieve Than I Think?

Why I Want to Master My Time?

We work diligently day after day but rarely do we feel like we accomplish everything we need to get done. And, because we perceive we are already efficiently working at maximum capacity, we don't see how we can possibly accomplish any more.

But, what if we could increase our effective utilization of time by 20%-200%, or more?

While that may sound like a lofty goal, it's actually not uncommon to see enormous improvements in productivity once we gain an understanding of the huge number of time management strategies which are available. Then by targeting specific strategies, especially those matching our natural DISC behavior and personality styles, we can quickly learn how to leverage individual techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everything we do.

Even if we only increased our time management capabilities at the low-end of that spectrum, (i.e., a 20% increase), we would dramatically enhance our levels of productivity and efficiency. After all, one person realizing a 20% improvement in their time utilization equates to a full 8 hour gain for every 40-hour week. For just one month it is equivalent to over 34 hours (slightly over 4 days) and improving 20% for a year equals about 416 hours (a little over 10 weeks) of additional time. And, producing a 20% improvement is a minimum accomplishment for most individuals who work at developing their time utilization skills.

Then imagine having a whole team of individuals doing the same thing! That's when organizational productivity and efficiency levels quickly begin to double, or even triple, previous levels.

   The programs have helped me and all our team members to improve almost every aspect of our business. – Larry T., Partner, Commercial Builders / Property Managers


Simply by empowering additional individuals through improvement of personal efficiencies and by implementing tools such as effective delegation skills, for example, huge increases in productivity result.

When engaged and motivated your whole team will get more of the critical things done - in less time, with less effort and less stress. That would allow you to reach even the most aggressive goals more quickly and still have additional time to focus on the remaining goals you want or need to achieve - business, personal or otherwise.

Your personnel would naturally become more productive and prosperous. Energy levels would begin to skyrocket and everyone would feel increasingly gratified with what they accomplish each day. Team members could work fewer hours. They could have more time to relax, enjoy with family and friends, work in their church or community, or simply focus on any number of things they might wish to do with the additional time gained by the improvements in managing their time. And all these benefits serve to prosper the organization as well.

Isn't it time to investigate how you can release the hidden potential that exists within yourself, your business and your team? It's truly a "WIN-WIN" proposition.

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Is Time Management And Team Motivation Training A Good Fit For Me And My Business?

Businessman Questioning

Business success does not happen in a vacuum. If you want your organization to excel, you must first support the success of your customers, suppliers and employees. So, assuming you understand the critical nature of those principles, there is a good chance you and your team would be ideal candidates for time management and team motivation training.

That's because it is imperative that we recognize the value of other individuals and find ways to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their needs before they will be motivated to help us achieve our own success. And, time management and team motivation skill development programs are among the most effective ways to provide a better, more valuable customer experience, while at the same time improving the relationships and productivity within our own organizations.

But, how can you tell for sure if there is a need for these programs in your organization and if they would truly benefit you, your customers, your team and your business?

You can evaluate the list of statements below, (on behalf of yourself and your team). They are indicative of a high performance organization with highly motivated teams of employees. Therefore, the more they represent your business the more likely your business is to achieve high levels of growth and profitability.

We recognize that no business is going to score perfectly in all these categories. In fact, it's quite common to fall short of the mark in a few areas. However, if you do not feel confident that you come close to meeting most of these objectives, there's a good possibility that time management and team motivation training programs would be well-worth considering.

This exercise will help you identify the likelihood that improving these areas of your business could significantly enhance your overall success.

  1.   We reach most of our business goals in a quick and efficient manner
  2.   At the end of each day, we have achieved everything we needed or wanted to accomplish
  3.   We have the skills to exercise significant influence over our customer's decision-making process
  4.   Our customers are always served with excellence
  5.   Our customers are our best promoters
  6.   We always realize maximum productivity from our team
  7.   Our team functions in a cooperative and supportive fashion
  8.   Our team is highly productive without requiring regular management oversight or intervention
  9.   Day-to-day interruptions and "emergencies" do not keep us from remaining focused on our important tasks
  10.   We know we have the right people in the right roles
  11.   Our levels of profitability are above the industry average
  12.   We are able to leave work at a reasonable time each day without feeling guilty or distressed
  13.   Our days flow smoothly without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by workplace obligations
  14.   Our staff is highly motivated to succeed
  15.   We rarely feel information overload from email, faxes or the Internet
  16.   We are successfully attracting and retaining the best employees
  17.   Meetings are brief and effective without absorbing too much of our valuable time
  18.   It is effortless for us to successfully delegate and out-source tasks
  19.   We generally complete tasks and projects well ahead of schedule
  20.   We have great goal-setting skills and we always work on our top priorities
  21.   We reach our personal goals in a timely and effective fashion
  22.   Our days are structured, we schedule our time and we can generally stick to our schedules
  23.   Most of our team has a healthy work-life balance
  24.   Our working relationships and interactions are both pleasant and harmonious

How closely did you and your team represent these goals and objectives? Were there areas you would like to improve?

We would welcome the opportunity to help you discover just how quickly and easily you can increase your own and your team's productivity, profitability and quality of life. Click the "GET STARTED" button below and let us know how we can help you, your team and your business to grow and prosper.

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What Challenges Might We Face When Implementing These Strategies?

Businessman Questioning

Ultimately, it is each individual who is totally responsible for their own success. Time management and team motivation skill development can help anyone become more successful, and the same set of skills can dramatically accelerate their journey to that success - but only if they are willing to accept the need to change in positive ways.

Therefore, the degree of success anyone will achieve with these programs is totally dependent upon the recognition and acceptance of the fact that each individual must eliminate long-entrenched habits and thought processes while adapting new, more successful habits and thoughts. Otherwise, they will remain forever destined to continue along the same general path they have always followed - with essentially the same results!

The time management and team motivation processes in themselves are neither difficult to master nor complex in scope - once the strategies are revealed and understood. However, the challenges come from our very human tendencies to cling to our old, counterproductive and destructive habits. Changing these habits can be both difficult and painful, which in many instances, can only be overcome through sheer willpower, determination and creating a supporting structure of encouragement and managed accountabilities.

   While it did require a few personnel adjustments, as you suggested it might, to get the right mix of people and to gain the levels of cooperation we wanted, our group is actually working together like a well-tuned team for the first time ever. – Brian R., Managing Director, Accounting Firm


If those principles are clearly understood, and there is a willingness to accept that each individual is their own purveyor of positive change, then there is a solid foundation on which to build success. If, on the other hand, someone firmly believes circumstances outside their control, such as competition, economic climate, other people, or any factors other than themselves are limiting their ability to succeed, they are unlikely to achieve their goals. So, they must first be willing to confront those issues head-on, before they can effectively advance.

Time and Team structures it's programs and training systems to provide not only the skills and techniques required for success, but we also offer varying degrees of support, encouragement and accountability.

For the individual who believes they are capable of rapidly advancing their skills on their own, and/or simply wishes to proceed without any support, we offer a very basic skill development training package. At the opposite end of the spectrum, when someone feels that support from a professional mentoring/coaching relationship could accelerate their progress and they could benefit from additional expertise; or just having someone as a sounding-board or accountability partner; we offer advanced packages, which include ready access to a skilled training/coaching professional. We also offer both custom and standard packages ranging in scope between these two extremes.

But, regardless of your training and mentoring preferences, it is usually wise to perform a little self-evaluation before investing your time and energy in time management and team motivation training programs. You should consider the likelihood of achieving a high level of success with these tools and strategies.

The "ideal candidates" for these programs can be identified by their readiness to participate in the process of changing their existing habits and their willingness to stretch beyond their current boundaries.

Therefore, "ideal candidates:"

  •   understand that nothing will change unless they personally accept responsibility and take the initiative
  •   are prepared to take the training and change-management process seriously
  •   believe it is the right time to seek professional assistance with their business and professional development
  •   have a positive, can-do attitude
  •   are as interested in their customers', suppliers' and employees' success as they are in their own
  •   are prepared for, often-painful, but always revealing, critical self-analysis
  •   will recognize and change self-defeating attitudes and behaviors
  •   are willing to try new ideas and strategies, and even re-try concepts they unsuccessfully attempted before
  •   will put in both the short and long-term effort required to succeed
  •   are willing to make firm commitments for their success and will stick with those commitments

While some of the challenges listed above can be offset with the assistance of a supportive training and coaching process; such as directing, encouraging and helping hold the participants accountable; a discerning individual will carefully weigh their readiness to actively participate in the process before investing in their future.

The good news is; when candidates match the preponderance of these criteria, there is a very high probability of achieving extraordinary levels of success. Conversely, however, if they do not closely fit the "ideal candidate" profile, their chances of success are diminished accordingly. So, be prepared to make a full commitment to the process, then take the next step on your journey to an incredible future.

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How Can I Gain Exceptional Productivity, Growth and Profitability?

Creating Value

Have you ever heard the old adage, "Work Smarter, Not Harder"? Well, that is precisely what time management and team motivation skills are able to help you and your team accomplish.

Because time management and team motivation skills impact every aspect of our operations, no other disciplines in business offer such enormous potential for contributing to productivity, growth and profitability.

When we develop time management skills, we naturally get more accomplished as a function of becoming increasingly efficient and effective at every task we undertake. These same skills help us to become vastly more focused and improve our ability to better prioritize our utilization of time. We learn how to structure our days, schedule time for the most critical tasks, avoid procrastination and reduce those productivity-robbing activities and emergencies that consume so much of our valuable time. Therefore, we become ever more strategic, waste less time and energy on non-critical tasks and begin to achieve goals that previously seemed out of reach. We are able to find effective ways to delegate tasks with full assurance of successful outcomes, which has the added benefit of freeing huge blocks of time to apply toward other tasks - or to simply enjoy life as we see fit.

Having achieved those efficiencies we find that we not only reach all our objectives in less time, but we do so with less effort and with reduced stress. And, just those results alone are extremely rewarding.

But, when we add team motivation skills to our arsenal of productivity tools we end up with even greater results. We gain the ability to positively influence and inspire those around us, including an ability to more effectively influence customers, suppliers managers and coworkers. We end up creating harmonious working environments, where everyone is fully engaged and highly motivated, where teams work together with an elevated spirit of cooperation and where everyone excels at what they do. As a result, productivity skyrockets. And when we engage and motivate other people to contribute to productivity, we are able to multiply our individual results and exponentially increase our levels of accomplishment.

Organizations that master both of these skills invariably gain huge competitive advantages; such as having more satisfied customers, increased sales, enhanced profitability and accelerated growth - all of which evolves from improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, motivation and empowerment of their teams.

Statistical research clearly demonstrates that all these elements go hand in hand. An effective, engaged, motivated and efficient team invariably translates to all the benefits realized by the most successful organizations in the marketplace.

Owners, managers, employees, customers, suppliers and even external stakeholders; benefit from the development of these skills. And, the atmosphere of "mutual success," where everyone wins and every facet of the business is focused on achieving excellence in both performance and service, is precisely what enables businesses, and their employees, to quickly realize their most lofty goals.

Perhaps your previous experiences would suggest that gaining all these advantages and benefits are next-to-impossible to realize. But, none of these objectives are difficult or complex to attain with the right guidance and focus.

In fact, benefits can begin to emerge as soon as time management and team motivation training and skill development begins.

By dialing-in our training exercises to match organizational styles as well as individual DISC behavior profiles, results evolve very quickly and naturally.

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Why Are Time and Team's Programs Superior to the Rest?

What Sets These Services Apart?

At Time and Team, we recognize we all have unique personalities, skills, talents and behaviors. And, these natural strengths dictate what works well for each of us, and what does not. Consequently, applying the exact same approach to developing time management and team motivation skills cannot, by its very nature, be equally effective for everyone.

Unlike other programs, which implement generic, one-size-fits-all strategies for every person and situation; we adapt our programs to match the unique needs of each organization and individual we serve. And, it is through our ability to customize programs that every participant can more readily realize their full potential.

Customization provides numerous benefits. All the strategies and techniques for building success become easier to learn and more natural to implement. Therefore, participants become more proficient at integrating critical skills into their daily activities. At the same time, these individualized programs allow each person to stretch beyond self-imposed boundaries and overcome preconceived limitations, helping them realize significant improvements in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness - at levels they would not otherwise achieve.

When approached from these perspectives, the concepts of time management and team motivation are logical, understandable and simplistic to apply. However, they include skills, strategies and techniques that the typical person must work to develop before they realize the full benefits and rewards.

Changing habits and thought processes can be challenging for any individual and the same holds true for modifying organizational habits and strategies. Nevertheless, the overall benefits far outweigh the investment of time and energy. And, when successfully implemented, they consistently evolve into accelerated levels of both personal and organizational success.

No other programs offer this individualized approach to professional skill development in the areas of time management and team motivation. The flexibility Time and Team offers for working with each individual and their specific needs; and the ability to adapt these programs to DISC profile-types is what makes our process so powerful and successful.

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How Quickly Can We Begin to Realize Benefits?

How Quickly Can I Realize Benefits?

While everyone's individual rate of achievement is generally proportional to the time and effort invested; you'll be amazed to discover just how quickly you will have the opportunity to start realizing not only the enormous potential locked inside yourself and your team, but also begin to realize measurable results.

   In only 9 months our new sales approach has shown a very impressive revenue increase of over 16%. – Bill W., Sales Manager, Office Supplies


For any given business, there are numerous ways time management and team motivation strategies can be applied to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the organization. So, unless you are already achieving all your goals, producing more than enough sales, generating all the profitability you can handle, and have a full compliment of highly motivated employees; there will always be more than enough areas of opportunity to recognize measurable results, very quickly.

However, as with any training program and skill development process, especially one that is so far-reaching in scope and impacts so many areas of your business, there will be some techniques and strategies, which can be implemented quite readily, while others will require additional time and effort to develop. And, because we all have different personalities and behavior profiles, some of the techniques will fit one individual perfectly, while the same techniques may prove challenging for someone else.

Fortunately, there are literally thousands of ways that these principles can be applied. That means, regardless of your environment or your individual strengths and weaknesses, there are many opportunities to enhance your skills. You will have no trouble ,whatsoever, finding a multitude of strategies you can implement to improve your time management and team motivation capabilities. So, the results will not only evolve very quickly, but you can continue to refine your skills for many years to come - and as you do, the advantages and benefits will continue to grow, as well.

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