What Is DISC - And How Will DISC Profiling Benefit You And Your Business?

What Is DISC Profiling?

What Is DISC Profiling?

DISC profiling, simply stated, is one of the most powerful and useful tools available to humankind. It opens the door to an elevated level of understanding into human behavior, which allows you to become more productive, efficient and effective, while at the same time, improving your quality of life. And, it helps you help others to do the same.

DISC has evolved into the most recognized, comprehensive and universally accepted assessment tool for measuring human personality and behavioral styles. These styles are classified into 4 primary personality and behavior groups. The initials of the groups form the basis for the name of the "DISC" process:

  •   D (Dominant) Results Oriented, Forceful, Decisive, Problem Solver, Risk Taker
  •   I (Influential) Enthusiastic, Trusting, Optimistic, Persuasive, Talkative, Impulsive
  •   S (Steady) Supportive, Gentle, Predictable, Understanding, Friendly, Kind
  •   C (Conscientious) Accurate, Analytical, Cautious, Fact-Finder, Private, Systematic
   The DISC profiles helped us focus on our individual differences and talents and we were able to leverage that information in powerful ways. – Alice G., HR Director, Medical Laboratories


The 4 DISC personality and behavior classifications, noted above, have been studied and refined for more than 50 years. And, during this period, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that all individuals fall into verifiable and predictable behavioral patterns. Thus, the DISC classifications provide valuable insight into how each group of individuals will generally respond to challenges, how they relate to and influence others, what their preferred activity pace will be, how these individuals respond to rules and procedures, whether they are people-oriented or task-oriented, as well as a myriad of other human characteristics and traits.

Therefore, having these comprehensive DISC tools available, allows us to not only better understand our own strengths, drivers and motivators but the parallel characteristics of other individuals as well. With that understanding we can learn to adapt our behaviors in ways, and under a variety of circumstances, which facilitate greater achievement, more harmony, enhanced communication, as well as an ability to exercise greater influence over our environment and other individuals.

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DISC Circle Graph Plot

What Are The Benefits Of DISC?

Everyone would like to be able to achieve more in their businesses and their lives, and do so in less time, with less effort and with less stress. They want their businesses to grow and prosper, which, in turn, allows them to reach their personal goals more quickly and effortlessly.

DISC profiling is a comprehensive tool for helping business owners, managers and employees accomplish those goals.

The knowledge gained from DISC personality and behavior profiles provides access to the knowledge of human behavior and how that can be translated into skill-sets that increase everyone's ability to enhance their personal levels of productivity and efficiency; while also developing the skills for inspiring and motivating others. In addition, these same skills evolve in such a way that everyone also realizes enhanced work/life balance - as well as gaining all the additional time and resources that everyone desires in life.

Since, everything we accomplish in business, (and in life), is dependent on two factors - how efficient and effective we are on a personal level and how successful we are at inspiring and motivating others, it is critically important to maximize our knowledge and skills in these two areas.

That is precisely what DISC profiling, as it applies to both time management and team motivation skill development, will provide.

Listed below are a few of the many benefits derived from implementing DISC profiling as a tool for improving interpersonal relationships and overall levels of success.

  •   Understand behavioral strengths and challenges in yourself and others
  •   Enhance leadership, coaching and mentoring skills
  •   Achieve goals - more quickly and effectively
  •   Learn to appreciate the differences and strengths of others
  •   Improve communication skills by matching communication styles
  •   Increase personal and organizational productivity and profitability
  •   Learn how to inspire, motivate and encourage each individual by understanding their unique behavioral profile
  •   Build a more powerful and harmonious team by matching the "right" people to the "right" jobs
  •   Reduce personal and organizational conflict, stress and turnover
  •   Develop strategies and awareness to deal with a diversity of people, their communication styles and needs
  •   Increase sales by understanding and adapting to the ways customers behave and make decisions
  •   Enhance the effectiveness of marketing collateral by targeting the right emotional triggers
  •   Improve customer relationships and customer satisfaction
  •   Maintain better control of your emotions
  •   Reduce stress and achieve optimal work/life balance
  •   Discover tools for avoiding and dealing with conflict effectively
  •   Improve self-awareness and self-knowledge
  •   Enhance teamwork and reduce team conflict
  •   Understand the priorities of others and help everyone become more successful
  •   Facilitate higher levels of teamwork and collaboration
  •   Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings

All of these benefits, and many more, can be attained by gaining the knowledge and insight readily available through DISC profiling. As such, they enable you and your whole organization to grow and prosper at an accelerated pace.

By developing an appreciation of our own unique strengths and weaknesses, we are able to identify the specific techniques and processes that complement our natural talents and abilities and avoid wasting time and energy on strategies, which simply do not fit our personality and behavior profiles. In doing so, we dramatically increase our potential for achieving all our goals on a personal level, as well as gaining the valuable assistance of others.

Better still, everyone wins when we learn how to better understand the needs and preferences of other individuals and can tailor our approach to our interactions with these individuals in a fashion that helps them succeed in achieving their goals as well. Consequently, all parties benefit from the resulting improvements in communication, cooperation, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

This happens as a result of fully maximizing everyone's human potential in ways that match their natural abilities and talents. And, DISC profiling is the key to achieving those objectives in the most expeditious and effective way.

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Questions and Answers

What Is Kwik-DISC©?

Kwik-DISC© is a stand-alone product, developed by Time and Team to identify general DISC tendencies. It is an economical, quick and fun way to gain an overall evaluation of your DISC personality and behavior characteristics. And, while it is not as precise as a "full-blown" DISC evaluation, it generally falls into a the 85% to 90% range of accuracy of the more comprehensive profiling process.

However, it may be a perfect fit if you are simply wishing to gain a fundamental understanding of the range of behaviors you are likely to exhibit within the context of your DISC behavior styles. That's because Kwik-DISC© profiling will provide a great baseline for most DISC learning and skill development processes.

The fact that Kwik-DISC© is not quite as accurate as some of the other DISC profile options in no way inhibits its usefulness as a learning tool to gain additional understanding of DISC personalities and behaviors. Nor, does it detract from your ability to gain many of the same benefits derived from a "complete" DISC profile.

And while detailed reports of DISC behaviors are not provided with the Kwik-DISC© program, you still obtain a graph of your DISC intensity levels for each of the four DISC style types (similar to the adjacent plot), which allows you to easily determine the most prominent behavior characteristics you are likely to exhibit.

So, if you are simply looking to evaluate your general personality and behavior tendencies, without seeking a comprehensive report, an analysis of your profile, or a written assessment of how that might impact your relationship with other DISC personality types, Kwik-DISC© is an excellent, and more economical, way to achieve that goal.

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