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What You Should Know About Time and Team

Who We Are:

As specialists in Time Management, Personal Productivity, Behavior Analysis, Behavior Modification, Team Development and Team Motivation; Time and Team is an Indiana based training and mentoring organization designed to help clients enhance all aspects of human productivity, efficiency and effectiveness - more quickly and successfully than they might otherwise accomplish on their own.

We have developed unique training programs, which are specifically adapted to both our clients' and their team's individual environments and needs. Our Time Management and Team Motivation programs integrate DISC profiling techniques to identify the natural behaviors, personalities and talents of each individual. Through DISC integration we are able to leverage their inherent strengths and abilities as we formulate strategic goals and action plans that are matched to their unique profile. This allows us to generate the proper skill development programs needed by each team member, which will maximize their success. It also allows us to avoid the application of techniques for which they may not be well suited, or to identify ways to overcome areas of weakness.

As a privately owned and operated enterprise, Time and Team's programs have been developed, and our operations are directed, by our Founder and President, Michael Huff.

What We Do:

We help individuals and organizations realize their maximum potential through customized time management and team motivation training programs. These programs enable clients to expand their businesses and their incomes as quickly as possible - so they can stop living as slaves to their business, their time, their people and their customers; and begin controlling their own destiny in powerful and effective ways.

We also provide behavior profiling services to help clients develop a greater understanding of themselves and others and to help their organizations match the right individuals with the right jobs.

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The Results:

Our clients and their teams significantly improve overall productivity, efficiency and effectiveness on organizational, personal and interpersonal levels. They are able to leverage our strategies, tools, seminars, workshops and mentoring programs in ways that help them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to FULLY master their business and their lives. As a result they are able to:

  •   Achieve goals more quickly
  •   Get more of the critical things done, in less time and with less effort
  •   Increase revenues and income
  •   Outperform competitors in each discipline of business operations
  •   Grow business at an accelerated rate
  •   Exercise greater influence over customers, employees, family, friends...
  •   Develop stronger, more productive and harmonious teams
  •   Attract and retain the best employees
  •   Gain more time and freedom
  •   Remain more relaxed and in control
  •   Become more powerful and influential leaders
  •   Realize greater satisfaction from achievements
  •   Build a secure economic future
  •   Become more effective leaders in the community

So, ultimately, our clients and their teams realize both TRANSFORMED BUSINESSES and TRANSFORMED LIVES!


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How We Are Different:

No other organization offers our integrated blend of Time Management and Team Motivation processes, products and techniques. Only Time and Team incorporates the analysis of individual, DISC personality and behavior profiles into every aspect of training and skill development. Therefore, all participants benefit from the development of the specific tools and techniques they need to enhance their skills and abilities.

Integrating personality and behavior profiles into the training process provides a variety of advantages, which combine to more rapidly advance management, employee and even customer goals. We refer to this mutually beneficial process as the achievement of Mutual Success.

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How These Unique Programs Evolved:

Having been in business for more than 30 years and having experienced all the travails and challenges associated with growing and prospering a business (especially during periods of economic turmoil) we know how difficult it can be to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to finally realize a growing and prosperous organization. And, we also recognize that pursuing those dreams can present extreme challenges when it comes to balancing both a healthy and harmonious lifestyle with a demanding professional career.

However, during the 30-plus years of managing and building our own businesses, we recognized the need to developed a unique mix of time management and team motivation programs - and in doing so we were able to help ourselves, our organizations and our employees realize much higher levels of productivity and effectiveness. We achieved those goals by identifying the skills, strategies and programs that allowed everyone to get more of the important things done, in less time, with less effort and with reduced stress. And that, in turn, allowed everyone in our organizations to enjoy a more fulfilling and collaborative working environment, while also enjoying the extra time and freedom that comes from getting more accomplished in the time available.

And, having refined those process over the last two decades, we now share our knowledge and expertise with other businesses and individuals - so they, too, can benefit from these programs.

The results speak for themselves. READ CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

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How We Work With Clients:

Time and Team provides tailored solutions that are developed for each of our clients, including: seminars, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, behavior profiling, job matching and a variety of additional services.

While our basic training platforms are standardized in their approach, they are configured such that each individual not only learns how their unique personality profile and organizational environment affects their abilities and talents, but they also receive targeted training exercises; to develop the specific set of skills and techniques each individual needs to realize their full potential.

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