Our Founder

Our Founder and President, Michael Huff

Michael Huff in office

Michael Huff is Founder and President of Time and Team, an Indiana based organization focused on maximizing personal and professional productivity, effectiveness and goal achievement.

Michael is a Time Management and Human Behavior Specialist, as well as a speaker, consultant and author on the topics of productivity and motivational skill development. He has accumulated more than 30 years as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, including four business start-ups; and has served as a mentor and adviser for staffing, engineering, manufacturing, service, professional, retail, wholesale, distribution and not-for-profit clients.

He is the developer and initiator of the unique combination of time management and team motivation strategies offered by Time and Team; all of which are centered in Michael's overarching philosophy of achieving what he refers to as The Power of Mutual Success.

In speaking and presentations, Michael is known for his positive, inspiring and engaging speaking style. He is highly proficient at educating audiences on how they can identify and reach their hidden potential, how to avoid common mistakes, and always offers a variety of techniques for maximizing effective use of time as well as the best strategies for inspiring, motivating and influencing individuals and teams toward the desired objectives.