Happy Client after Time Management Training

...everything has changed. I've doubled my sales. I'm working fewer hours. I’m more relaxed; playing more rounds of golf; and...

Martin P., Independent Insurance Agent / Broker

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Happy client after Team Motivation program

For years, we only dreamed of having an inspired and productive team of employees. Now, that dream is finally becoming a reality!

Alice G., HR Director, Medical Laboratories

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Time Management and Team Motivation are the two most powerful competitive advantages available to business!

Time Management, Team Motivation & DISC

Improve Productivity, Profitability and Quality of Life Like Never Before

We teach individuals and organizations how to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness by 20% - 200% (or more), using time management and team motivation strategies matched to individual DISC personality and behavior profiles. As a result, they transform their businesses and lives in amazing and extremely powerful ways - including their ability to:

  •      Significantly INCREASE PROFITABILITY
  •      REACH GOALS more quickly and easily
  •      DOUBLE their levels of PRODUCTIVITY
  •      Develop teams of MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES
  •      WORK drastically FEWER HOURS
  •      Accelerate SALES and REVENUES
  •      GROW their BUSINESSES more RAPIDLY
  •      REDUCE STRESS for everyone on the team
  •      Realize vastly MORE TIME and FREEDOM
  •      Achieve an ENHANCED QUALITY of LIFE

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How to Double Your Productivity And Profitability by Flipping Traditional Time Management Strategies UPSIDE DOWN!

Almost everyone recognizes that the success they achieve in building a business, generating sales, increasing profits, managing employees, and even the degree to which they have the time and resources to enjoy life, is highly dependent upon how effectively they utilize their time and how motivated their team is to do the same.

Yet, for the vast majority of business owners, managers and their employees, traditional time management and team development strategies produce less than stellar results.

But, "what if" there was a better way - one that makes more sense, leverages your natural strengths and weaknesses, based on your individual DISC behavior profile and really works! Maybe, it’s time to depart from tradition and consider a totally different, and more effective, approach.


As radical as it may sound, flipping traditional time management, team motivation and productivity strategies upside down can double your own and your team's productivity; significantly increase sales and profitability; dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness; and allow everyone to achieve goals and complete tasks in less time, with less effort and lower stress.

With this approach, you and your team can become vastly more successful at everything you do, you will significantly increase income and quickly re-capture both the time and resources needed to truly enjoy life...READ MORE

Why The ability to Influence and Motivate Others is so Critical to Your SUCCESS

Much of business success is built upon the ability to influence and motivate people - whether those people are customers, suppliers, employees, investors, strategic partners, or any number of other individuals with whom we interact.

Almost every aspect of business and life can be positively impacted by learning how everyone's DISC behavior profile determines their communication, motivation, productivity, purchasing and decision-making preferences - along with similar preferences in literally every nuance of their physical and psychological existence.

In fact, one of the first challenges we face in business is learning how to influence, inspire and motivate customers to engage in transactions with our organizations.

Sales revenues, the lifeblood of every successful business, are highly dependent on our abilities to exercise a reasonable degree of influence over the decision-making processes of existing and potential clients. And, no business can grow or prosper without abundant sales volumes.

Equally important to motivating customers is having the ability to motivate suppliers, strategic partners, managers and employees - at least to the maximum degree possible. Because, without the ability to gain the active participation and support of others, it is the rare business that can effectively serve clients; or even exist as a viable organization...READ MORE

…the RESULTS are there and we feel its impact throughout our organization. Our managers are now thoroughly planning their team’s projects, utilizing SMART goal setting to properly structure the tasks and to measure results. We have seen improved communication with fellow team members as a result of gaining a better understanding of each others personality.
We have also enjoyed the benefit of our managers having a better sense of the big picture, both in their overall lives and in our business.
We are grateful for the skills and patience you displayed on our team’s behalf.
– Nick M. & Tony M., Multi-Store Pet Supply Franchisees


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